Let’s Talk About White Women Again:

Let me get back to this subject of black men supposedly being enthralled by The Becky Persuasion.

I think I’m going to have to explain my perspective again.

You snow bunny: I don’t idolize you; you’re just something different for Ole Reecie to run through.

You’re not the light of my life or the best part of waking up — I don’t drink coffee — so, I don’t need your Folgers in my cup.

I just want to get behind you and your pale little butt — and fuck — until your firmly spanked ass makes me bust nuts.

The sordid death grip I’ll have on your hips should make you lose it.


I just want to see what you taste like on occassions on a few moonlit nights.

You see, I dig those Wendy’s double burgers and fries, but too many days of eating those things and I’m looking for — some Kentucky Fried Chicken thighs.

Mexican dishes also creep onto the scene; buffalo chicken wings also get the best of me.

Do you get what I’m putting down — you PAWGs, slim somethings, and skinny minny white girls — you will never be Reecie’s sole world.

I dig variety; I dig a cornucopia of women’s backsides; even though they frustrate me all the time — on black girls’ undersides — I, too, will dine.

The Mexican and Puerto Rican senoritas have partaken of my fresh mouth; I was one seductive little menace when I ran those mean streets down south.

I’m the equal opportunity devourer, and Little Kaylee: you’re just a blur — a blip on my scanner — I won’t wave you around like you’re some banner.

I’ll fuck you for sure; I’ll even lick your bottom with all my oral might at times; but, worshipping you — idolizing you — is a goddamn crime.

Your little pink snatch was made to be played with; it was made to be the object of a black man’s dick.

Wouldn’t you agree?

When your legs are up in the air or your hand is pushed into your panties, you should fantasize about me — The Savage Beast.

Rubbing one out to my voice and what I’ve just penned is what this shit is all about.

I’d love to be there to get a glimpse of you being a whore while you make that hood spread like some umbrella during a downpour.

Your facial expressions along with the swaying of those hips would move me; I’d most likely whip out my dick and jack at it alone with you in this scene.

So, in ending, my little honey: you’re cool and all, but don’t think you’re the creme de la creme of nasty drawls…

I Can’t Change Your Opinion of Me!

So, it’s been said that I’m a pervert, a disgusting-ass dude; you do know I could add more adjectives to the description of me if you’d like me to?

I’m one piece of work, and I just don’t give 10 fucks; step into my motherfucking lair and try your luck.

I don’t rape bitches, but I’m aggressive like hell when I’m dabbling around in your warm tail.

I lick at cunt, and I can find my way around a clean asshole: once again, I’m a disgusting, unscrupulous soul.

I’ll command you to look back at me while we’re in the middle of being quite filthy.

I’ll smack your butt cheeks quite seductively; you’ll see!

I’m not for you tame-at-heart women; I’m for the salacious types that love to get a lascivious tongue ran across their inner thighs and the abyss of butt skin.

You can stare into my eyes if you’re on your back and behold my oral attack.

Or, you can twist your neck and keep it bent while I eat that pussy and ass from the back on a whim.

You’ll delight in my warm tongue lapping at your rear end along with its nextdoor neighbor — that vulva kin.

And, I’ll repeat the sordid activity over and over again until you’re pooped and exhausted plus overheating in need of a fan.

I’ll peel your asshole and hold it open; my oral remedy isn’t done; it’s beating against your anticipating ass like a vessel getting pounded on the ocean.

You think I’m one loose cannon with no type of tact; your presumption may be on point, but you’re still on your back.

You’re screaming due to my inappropriate taunting; my Rumpilingus has got your libido running.

Your pussy juicies are leaking from your chute; my damp licks are disarming you.

You arch your back while I slide the entire surface of my dainty tongue against your clit, vulva, and your throbbing rump.

I know, it’s heavenly when Ole Reecie tastes thee; you’re beginning to undulate those wide butt cheeks.

Pressing against my forehead along with pulling at the back of my neck, you’re in disarray; you don’t know what action you’ll lean toward next.

I’m not The Prophet of Your Next Endeavors; I’m just trying to make your pussy cum, you fucking heifer!

Step Right Up, You Fucking Slut:

Are you a young bitch like this?

Do you think I’m devilish?

Well, I am; and, best believe I’m trying to lick on your inner thighs. I’m trying to be the nastiest guy in your life.

Are you cool with that, or are you going to run home to your parents and tell on me? I don’t think you want to do such a thing; I think your barely-legal ass wants my middle-aged tongue to lick on some young butt and steamy pussy.

I know you’re anticipating the kind of patterns my soiled tongue are going to make as I layer your underside like icing on a warm cake.

When your parents aren’t around, are you trying to get down?

Will you sneak over to my crib and get butt naked and shit?

Are you going to be my little freak that sucks my dick also? I love you fucking young whores.

I love how your young asses try to pretend like you don’t like older guys, but you used to sneak over to my abode at night.

You’d peel your panties and vulvas open so that my wicked tongue could dive in like lures when I’m fishing.

I loved seeing your finessing asses lose all sense of direction when my tongue got to flickering: my oral sex was on your asses like an aggressive dog was getting to siccing.

Disgusting little words would belt from your mouths as I ate away at those entities of you down south.

I savored the positions you were in; I’d just stare into your eyes as my inappropriateness smeared itself across your skin.

I could tell when I actually had you in my snare because you would grasp my head or hair; you would hold on tightly because your hot ass couldn’t go anywhere.

You were my cunnilingus prisoner; I know: it’s sinister, but you begged for this taboo accord; you’re no minister.

You’re a naughty little freak that needs a mouth that’s filthy; do I dare mention that your pale ass even yearns for this here dark meat?

Well, What’d You Expect?!

Shaking ass is what these broads do. If they insist upon twerking, I’ll take a peek at the bottom before we screw.

If it’s not me, they’ll shake it for another guy or gal in the community.

I think I want to get my feel plus a good ole fashioned, salacious thrill.

I might even lick the butt of this debaucherous slut.

I might lick her cunt, too, before this sordid night is through.

You know how I do it; young, middle-aged, and old hoes are on my to-do list.

No bitch is immune to my devious advances unless she’s underaged; I verify by ID, so I’m not trying to get played.

BTW: If she has a kinky friend,

Let the soxiante-neuf begin.

…to be continued

What else is new?

“I’m not that type of girl,” she says, “I want a relationship!”

Of course, I gave that dumb bitch this look after she shared that dumb shit.

My understanding is never ending, so I know what’s up; you want to lure me into your trap via a good ole fuck.

You pretend to be godly — a prude — but, I know what’s up with you.

Remember, my motto is: never ever trust a fleeting woman:

Next thing you know: she’ll expose her butthole; what a web she’s spun.

This is For you THOT BITCHES:

You know the type my savage ass is talking about — the bitch that loves digging off in her wet pussycat or yearning for a mouth.

You can’t contain your animalistic need to rub at your CUNT fervently.

You’ve tried to lay off the sordid fire, but guess what gets the best of you: THAT WICKED DESIRE.

You’re a despicable human being; you always crave something!

You prefer a hard dick sliding past or beating up against your clit, but you can’t always get to a stick.

You rub yourself until you’re nauseous; do I see callouses?

You stare at your hands; they’re in high demand. Once you get home, you can’t wait to pull down your pants.

A ride in the car doesn’t stop you from doing what you were bred to do.

Panties are slid to the side as you drive. You must wear a skirt when you’re outside.

When you barrel through your city’s streets, you look down, and this is what you see…

Would You Like To Be Here, My Dear?

The FUCK HOUSE is a little Ole place in Forest Park where lascivious, disgusting acts blossom and take root in the Clayton County soil. I’m a good Ole Georgia native that eats up pussy and ass like white folks also do chicken and watermelon.

I’m a fucking mess, and I could give a Damn who knows. I’m a wretched man fit for that prison down in Jackson where they put murderers to death.

I devour and pillage the likes of sexy, uninhibited women quite often. I do those wanton acts in my little FUCK HOUSE where once you’re here with me, there’s no turning back.

A whole lot of saliva on ass, digging in ass and lapping up pussy with my tongue is the course for the day, hon. It’s a meal simply fit for a champion as myself. You’re going to yell.

Let me remind you again, I’m “MR. MOUTH ON WHATEVER”!

That’s my moniker, and it’s a well-deserved one.

I’m a lewd recluse at the cunnilingus game. I pilfer pussies and the next door neighbor, that ass, as if they’re my hydration on a brisk hot day. I annihilate the tasty “underlings”.

I AM the Sex God, and there is no other.


I’m a very jealous Sex God.

Only I can conjure up salacious acts with that pussy and ass with my mouth. Only I can tempt that rump with such heightened excitement.

Here in this FUCK HOUSE, you whimper under the pressure of my disassembling mouth and oral objects. You disassociate yourself with your previous nature, that good girl that would never do such despicable acts. You’re the church girl that attends services faithfully, but here now at my FUCK HOUSE you’re getting your pussy and ass handed to you by my mouth.

You’re getting your fill of my oral plate. Don’t get up from the table just yet. That was the appetizer. I’m bringing in the entrée now: my tongue going ham on that pussy and ass with no let up over the horizon.

I discard both pieces of your sexual anatomy only briefly to entertain the other. A swiping of the ass; that rim job is nice. I dig in that slit tenaciously; you moan chaotically.

I repeat the process.

Dessert anyone?