Lady, Bring Your Lil BFF Home:

There ain’t nothing like getting that two-headed dragon; I’ll soon be singing an illicit song.

This is salacious heaven; my dear, where has your freaky ass been?

I’ve experienced this type of pleasure once before in life, but I’d like to get it endless more times if that’s all right.

A little brunette sucking up my pipe — while a little redhead waits her turn — this is the life.

I’m not one of those relationship gurus, but I’m thinking a poly life with a couple of chicks like this might be cool.

The sound of spit and foreskin getting slung everywhere: it’s so mesmerizing while I’m anticipating getting pieces of these hoes’ derriere.

I could just imagine the anticipation while my cock rises to the occasion like years of dreaded inflation.

I’d try to hold back my huge load, but that would be virtually impossible here in my abode.

You guessed it right; I’ll be done like this guy — now I’m pooped — I might go one more round after this, but then, it’s night night…

This Was A Good Day:

I remember this day as though it were yesterday.

This was my little West Indies playmate. Her voice was delectable even though the first time she reached out to me: I was skeptical.

I can’t show you videos of her sucking at me; I have to guard her anonymity.

I mean: I loved licking on her pussy like a savage beast, but she loved gulping down my ejaculate like some hungry-ass SheBeast.

Let’s just focus on me for now and how I was putting my cunnilingus game down.

I had this little pattern I used on her clit; such a technique made her lose her shit.

And me being a continuous inventor, I constantly came up with new tactics to tease the whore.

I’m not one to pat my own self on the back; hear and see it for yourself; I’m no hack.

I called her Mrs. Shaky Legs when my naked ass was between her thighs giving her head.

Her island expressions along with her oscillations: man, I’m thinking I’m taking her ass to heaven.

I could be wrong, though; woman that’s reading and watching this: let me know…

I Don’t Believe In That Relationship Shit!

But, if you’re trying to be in my life, you had better suck on my dick like this mature white bitch;

and, I mean it! You’re gonna have to make love to my cock with your mouth like she’s doing this black prick.

She’s a cock-sucking fan, and she has done a remarkable job with her tongue and hardly no hands.

She has a mouth of gold, and not one time did the owner of the black pole have to scold.

Are your eyeballs mesmerizing when in the oral sex realm you’re diving?

Are you a dirty cunt that devours an erection like it’s your lunch?

Let me know hon because you might just be the one.

Dare I mention that you must love to eat pre-cum also because I produce quite an abundance of the clear flow?

There’s More:

When I come in off the road on the weekend, come over and stare into my horny eyes like you’re my bride.

I want you at my door waiting — for me — you little filthy being.

Every now and again, I may reward you with riding in the big truck alongside of me, but you’re going to have to hop in the back periodically showcasing your wet pussy.

I usually loathe riders, but your head has me trapped like a fly when it meets the spider.

I’m not going to tell you anymore. Just leave me a comment if you’re trying to be my undercover whore…

Well, It’s True, Boo; Now, What Are You Gonna Do?:

A thick bitch like this is what I’m missing, she loves to do quite a bit of dick kissing.

She’s quite uninhibited, and she’ll do freaky shit in my solicit bed.

I dig being captivated by shit like this, too — TWO BIG OLE — Becky Boos.

These types usually fuck and suck — like no other — until my chocolate sausage hiccups.

I mean, I dig skinny girls also:

leaving immense ejaculate on their backs and buttholes.

Remember, I’m the equal opportunity devourer, and I’m giving a cornucopia of broads thick-ass cum showers.

I’m not selfish, though. I eat whores’ pussies plus their washed-up assholes.

I’m a cold soul, and my ex wife once told me: “You control women through sex!” I’m thinking: the bitch is/was correct.

There ain’t no shame in my game; I’m trying to manipulate chicks with my mouth and dick until those freaky bitches lose it and go insane.

I Can’t Help It; I Just Don’t Give A Shit!

This is the face of an unscrupulous scoundrel; I’m a hound dog, and woman — I’m just trying to dig off in your pants.

Stacks of Money


Stacks of Pussy

those are the only things in life that tempt Ole Reecie.

I’m not going to do anything illegal, though, to obtain the doe or a hoe.

And, speaking of hoes: I also have to admit that I love writing freaky shit.

I’m The King of Smut, and

I just love to write about digging off in a bitch’s greased-up butt!

I love writing about how a broad makes my BBC-Challenged phallus hiccup.

I dig writing about the look in a prude woman’s eyes once my oral masterpiece is buried in her hidden thighs.

Again, woman, I know I’m vulgar, and I have no filter.

I guess you can sort of assume that my life imitates my art or vice versa.

The erotic literature I pen is a scorcher.

…to be continued…

This Is For The Redneck In You:

Are you one of those racist-ass white bitches that crave black cum or dick?


Are you a bisexual vixen that loves to get your bottom tasted on by little Chocolate somethings?

Oh, if only walls could talk, I bet there’s a gang of skeletons plus a lot of brother ejaculate that would ooze from your prejudice mouth.

But, of course, you have to keep up your image and not share with your family plus the world that you play games of interracial scrimmage.

You love getting penetrated and licked on by the very dudes that are objects of many stories on your nightly news.

Do you rub your pussy before bed imagining that’s a black man between your legs giving you sloppy, disgusting head?

Do you envision him sliding between those once head-receiving thighs only to push himself inside until you want to cry?

Woah is you, my little confused specimen; I am the guy that’s pleasuring you and offering up nothing but this here sinister grin.

I love when white women try to resist my aura and call me too vulgar. It’s quite the site — to see you minutes later — manipulating my dick with hands and mouth until I’m hard.

White bitch, own your shit — YOU LOVE AND ARE INTOXICATED — by the essence of a black erection.

Your racism can’t suppress your animalistic tendency to mate with a brown guy like me.

Well, I’m trying to know you — in the biblical sense — so, give up those juicy contents…

Little Chocolate Pussy, How Are You Doing?

Your owner is comical to me: playing like she’s not nasty. She claims to be a woman in the streets and also one when she steps into her home — what a goddamn fallacy.

Because: I know a thing or two about the freak in both of you. Black Pussy stays energized; there’s always a little some some being ignited between those copper thighs:

The person that houses you fondles her erect nipples which in turn leaves sensuous ripples.

Pussy, you leak constantly. And, you just want to get pounded by a homie.

You want your insides to be impaled — so much so — that your master has no choice but to yell.

Dear Pussy, you can’t control yourself. No matter what, you can’t be thrown upon a shelf.

Just look at your hairy ass getting rubbed each and every way; your outsides get manipulated day after day.

You’re chained to a female that never bids you farewell, not even a rest. And when this session is done, you’re a complete mess.

Are You A Fair Lady?

How did you stumble upon this pervertish space? Did you behold my copper-colored face?

Or, did you find yourself staring at my back all the while wondering what’s up with this website; is this black man just a hack?

Are you a woman that I’ve fucked, or have I eaten your pussy before? You’re ninja watching me here to see what’s new — and — to see if I’m still some man whore?

I’m just a never-satisfied recluse that never tires of putting my mouth and dick on a bitch’s clit; I’m just lewd!

To You New Chicks:

Don’t play; I can smell the anticipation of what’s to come racing from your face.

You play like a prude, but I can smell the freak oozing from you.

You may be able to throw off that salacious scent when in the presence of naive guys, but I’m aware of your illicit disguise.

I’m about to unveil you, though, and I’m about to seap into the crevices of all your holes.

This here BBC-Challenged phallus of mines is ready to beat/dig off in your anticipating behind.

And, yes, I know: you’re confused now; you don’t know whether you want to flee from me or get down.

You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last; if you stay any longer, my dick might just be buried in your tight ass.

You’ll be pondering while I’m drilling, “How did I end up here with this lunatic guy?!”

I’ll be impaling you from the back like this:

And, I’ll be eating what’s deep back between your wet thighs!

There ain’t nothing like a disgusting bitch that just knows what she is, and she’ll never deny that shit.

Tell me you’re a whore and that I can use your body however and whenever forever more…

Ladies, Beware, I’m On A Mission To Get To Your Hair!

I’m telling you from the jump that I ain’t about shit, and you won’t change it.

I’m not trying to meet your family and kids; you know what it is.

I’m not trying to wax your floor; woman, I’m trying to make you my dirty little whore. And, don’t try to play like you’re some prude that hasn’t moseyed on down this road before.

So, you see: I Am unscrupulous at my core.

You’re either going to love or hate me; there is no in between; I’m freaky and mean.

You already know what I’m about, but you insisted upon venturing into my illicit pond!

You’re exposing your tits, ass, and clit — now claiming — you don’t do freaky shit.

I must be having a V8 because there’s no way you’re trying me like this in my place.

Dropping your little bait in my rough high seas: you’re trying to finesse Ole Reecie.

I already told you that I don’t do that fucking friendzone, so get ready to jump on this chocolate BBC-challenged bone.

Perk your lips up, too because those plump things are about to get introduced to my mini dude.

You’ve dealt with mega cucks and tricks if you think you’re not going to part ways with some dick on lips and tits, bitch!

P.S. If we exchange numbers, and you play like a prude, I’m immediately hanging up on you.