I Will Never Apologize For The Freaky Shit I Write!

I don’t even ask for forgiveness for the shirts I wear across my chest, so you know my black ass is a complete mess.

I’m just a Freaky Ole Man that’s trying to get a Freaky Bitch’s ass, mouth, and titties in my hands.

I mean, I get a kick out of mature hoes — like this — showing me their pussies and assholes.

Get another look at this shit — if you’re not convinced — that I’ll do a stare down with a broad’s clit:

And, once again, I must convey: you can bring a young or seasoned THOT around my way.

You’ve heard me communicate this here fact before: I don’t discriminate when it comes down to my attraction to various types of whores…

I Think I’m On To A Little Something:

Are you the type of woman that wears a choker like this? If you are, I can already tell you’re my type of freaky little bitch.

I’m already undressing you with my pervert eyes, pondering what it would be like to peel open those savory thighs.

You probably walk around town with a wet pussy, and you’re constantly in need of a wicked mouthpiece.

I know your type: you play prude, but you’re inner being screams: fuck me on sight.

My salacious spirit is aware of yours; come on and be my little paramour.

Let’s roleplay; be my little starlet; I can treat you like my fucking harlot.

I want to cage you in my illicit fantasies, you cock-hardening, sensual shebeast.

You creator of getting penises erect: will you be the match I’ve met?

Will you be the woman that tries to control me with that sloppy, wet mouth? Pulling on that piece around your neck while you suck at me is what I’m about…

You Wanna Know The Best Way To My Heart?

Let me see you and your BFF do this; this is something I most definitely have to witness.

Or, you can be nasty like this little HQ bitch:

Let me beat that pussy up from the back because you’ve got to experience my dick.

You should already know by now my little sordid get down. Don’t leave me around your naked self; I’ma be mouth-on-everything bound.

I’ll be a sexual menace until I’m finished.

I’ll be a degrading bastard — hollering lewd shit — and chasing after your ass like the sheriff did Daisy and them in The Dukes of Hazzard.

I’m trying to leave trails of my saliva on your vulva lips and hardened clit like this:

You hollering for more as my tongue has way with you — my nasty whore — is all I live for.

Tell me that it’s my wet mouth you crave for the rest of your living days.

Also let it be known that I’m your Savage Beast that you can’t tame while I’m partaking of your frame.

You’ll forever be my dirty paramour/facilitator of lascivious desires, and I’ll forever be able to take advantage of your body as though you’re some lady for hire…

So, Is This What You’re Missing, Little Darling?

Today, a man is called A Munch if he licks on a wet cunt. Try saying that about me all you want, I won’t be bothered none.

Since the day I was born, I’ve been a stubborn one.

Don’t believe me, here’s the proof:

Just like you see me beginning to devour this woman, I’ll do the same thang to you.

Do you think you’ll be able to hold my phone and record while I get my munch on?

Or, will you lose yourself in the mood while my tongue digs/licks through/on you?

I doubt if you’ll be able to last just a minute while I’m putting my face all up in it.

Your pussy and ass will be badgering you about putting my phone down; they’re about to drown; they need to concentrate now.

They’ll be soiled by my wet mouth juices, and there won’t be a thing neither them nor you will be able to do.

Am I being a little too arrogant about the plight you’d be experiencing in between your thighs, or should I just terminate this letter and let you witness my freakiness in person with all your senses tonight?!

Are You A Chocolate Woman Like This?!

Well, I think it’s time that we do some shit. Enough with singlehandedly manipulating your breasts; give yourself a break, and let my freaky ass do the rest.

Also, stop fiddling around in your pussy with that worn-out finger; let my inappropriate tongue stick around and linger. They call me Mr. Unscrupulous and Mr. Obscene; I think you’re getting what I mean.

I’m here to lick that back — the inside of your tight ass crack. I’m here to poke at that contracting asshole also until that thang pulsates and reacts to my oral flow.

It’s a tasty sight and feat enjoying this cunnilingus/rumpilingus scene. My tongue maneuvering through your vajayjay’s maze like some runaway: will I find myself in a better place?

Will the sounds of licking and my mouth pushing against your cushion keep me licking and looking?

Will I continue staring into your puppy-like eyes while I dine on your underside?

So many questions race through my head while I’m being fed:

Should I stick a finger in your butthole while simultaneously devouring your muff box; should I just lick your now wet ass while I jack off my cock?

I’m contemplating, and I’m waiting. Your orgasm is baking and in the making.

You’re firmly pressing your body against my face while softly biting on a finger; you appear so tender. I want to pluck you like grapes in this place. Your body is my vineyard, and I’m waiting to snatch you as you fall off the vine, my babe…

Let Me Remind You Of This:

I ain’t about shit, so that means I’m getting head from (18 year and older) young

and old


I’m a don’t-give-a-damn type of guy, and all I want to do is devour what’s in between your thighs.

I’m curious — how did you get here? Was it from a link I sent you, off seeing me in public, or by some triggered THOT that didn’t want to share her box?

Anyway, I’m trying to shove my BBC-Challenged dick in a bunch of hoes’ faces with no delay.

I’m trying to peel open pussy lips and lick on them plus that adjacent clit.

I want to see you just like this rubbing at your shit viciously, you fucking slutty bitch.

I want to see you rubbing at that clit until you lose it and that thang drips.

Then, it’s gonna be time for Ole Reecie to dig in. Let the mouth-on-ass games begin.

I’ll hold those little legs in the air, and I’ll let my tongue work its nasty magic on your excited derriere.

You already know I’m one freaky motherfucker, and yes, I know: you’ll dread being my lover.

You find me repulsive and disgusting, but you love my little tongue manipulating thing.

You love how I work my oral madness on those juicy extremities all the while: you’re staring into my pervert eyes like a wild child.

…To be continued

Lady, Bring Your Lil BFF Home:

There ain’t nothing like getting that two-headed dragon; I’ll soon be singing an illicit song.

This is salacious heaven; my dear, where has your freaky ass been?

I’ve experienced this type of pleasure once before in life, but I’d like to get it endless more times if that’s all right.

A little brunette sucking up my pipe — while a little redhead waits her turn — this is the life.

I’m not one of those relationship gurus, but I’m thinking a poly life with a couple of chicks like this might be cool.

The sound of spit and foreskin getting slung everywhere: it’s so mesmerizing while I’m anticipating getting pieces of these hoes’ derriere.

I could just imagine the anticipation while my cock rises to the occasion like years of dreaded inflation.

I’d try to hold back my huge load, but that would be virtually impossible here in my abode.

You guessed it right; I’ll be done like this guy — now I’m pooped — I might go one more round after this, but then, it’s night night…

This Was A Good Day:

I remember this day as though it were yesterday.

This was my little West Indies playmate. Her voice was delectable even though the first time she reached out to me: I was skeptical.

I can’t show you videos of her sucking at me; I have to guard her anonymity.

I mean: I loved licking on her pussy like a savage beast, but she loved gulping down my ejaculate like some hungry-ass SheBeast.

Let’s just focus on me for now and how I was putting my cunnilingus game down.

I had this little pattern I used on her clit; such a technique made her lose her shit.

And me being a continuous inventor, I constantly came up with new tactics to tease the whore.

I’m not one to pat my own self on the back; hear and see it for yourself; I’m no hack.

I called her Mrs. Shaky Legs when my naked ass was between her thighs giving her head.

Her island expressions along with her oscillations: man, I’m thinking I’m taking her ass to heaven.

I could be wrong, though; woman that’s reading and watching this: let me know…

I Don’t Believe In That Relationship Shit!

But, if you’re trying to be in my life, you had better suck on my dick like this mature white bitch;

and, I mean it! You’re gonna have to make love to my cock with your mouth like she’s doing this black prick.

She’s a cock-sucking fan, and she has done a remarkable job with her tongue and hardly no hands.

She has a mouth of gold, and not one time did the owner of the black pole have to scold.

Are your eyeballs mesmerizing when in the oral sex realm you’re diving?

Are you a dirty cunt that devours an erection like it’s your lunch?

Let me know hon because you might just be the one.

Dare I mention that you must love to eat pre-cum also because I produce quite an abundance of the clear flow?

There’s More:

When I come in off the road on the weekend, come over and stare into my horny eyes like you’re my bride.

I want you at my door waiting — for me — you little filthy being.

Every now and again, I may reward you with riding in the big truck alongside of me, but you’re going to have to hop in the back periodically showcasing your wet pussy.

I usually loathe riders, but your head has me trapped like a fly when it meets the spider.

I’m not going to tell you anymore. Just leave me a comment if you’re trying to be my undercover whore…