So, Is This What You’re Missing, Little Darling?

Today, a man is called A Munch if he licks on a wet cunt. Try saying that about me all you want, I won’t be bothered none.

Since the day I was born, I’ve been a stubborn one.

Don’t believe me, here’s the proof:

Just like you see me beginning to devour this woman, I’ll do the same thang to you.

Do you think you’ll be able to hold my phone and record while I get my munch on?

Or, will you lose yourself in the mood while my tongue digs/licks through/on you?

I doubt if you’ll be able to last just a minute while I’m putting my face all up in it.

Your pussy and ass will be badgering you about putting my phone down; they’re about to drown; they need to concentrate now.

They’ll be soiled by my wet mouth juices, and there won’t be a thing neither them nor you will be able to do.

Am I being a little too arrogant about the plight you’d be experiencing in between your thighs, or should I just terminate this letter and let you witness my freakiness in person with all your senses tonight?!

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