Lady, Bring Your Lil BFF Home:

There ain’t nothing like getting that two-headed dragon; I’ll soon be singing an illicit song.

This is salacious heaven; my dear, where has your freaky ass been?

I’ve experienced this type of pleasure once before in life, but I’d like to get it endless more times if that’s all right.

A little brunette sucking up my pipe — while a little redhead waits her turn — this is the life.

I’m not one of those relationship gurus, but I’m thinking a poly life with a couple of chicks like this might be cool.

The sound of spit and foreskin getting slung everywhere: it’s so mesmerizing while I’m anticipating getting pieces of these hoes’ derriere.

I could just imagine the anticipation while my cock rises to the occasion like years of dreaded inflation.

I’d try to hold back my huge load, but that would be virtually impossible here in my abode.

You guessed it right; I’ll be done like this guy — now I’m pooped — I might go one more round after this, but then, it’s night night…

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