I’m Trying To Tame You:

You’re a sexy mess (I’ll give you that.), and your face belongs plastered on the cover of Vogue. But, you’re a baggage-carrying, mad-at-the-world and non-forgiving SHREW!

I have something for that little disorder, though — a vagrant, vagabond-of-sorts tongue. It seems that that’s the only time I can brush back the avalanche of attitude and disruptive behavior.

Only when my mouth is stapled to your hiny can I reason with you.

Only when my tongue carves out letters on your clit and vulva do I have your undivided attention.

Must I eat ass bi-hourly or cut off my tongue to give to you as a parting gift to keep in your purse to keep you content when I’m not around?

Must I jump through hoops to keep you satisfied?

Or, maybe I must follow you around all day long even to your stall in the restroom and please your eager bottom when the need arises? What about the drive home from work — should my face be buried in your crotch for you at any moment’s notice?

I’m gathering here that I’m your mouth-on-pussy-and-ass slave that will have no life of my own as long as I’m bridled to this existence with you. My mouth will be under your complete control being you’re no coy, down low devilish girl.

You’re an up-in-your-face and letting-a-nigga-know-how-you-want-it chick. And I’m the ignorant, getting lead around by the nose and licking-pussy-at-the-drop-of-a-dime dude that allows the nonsense.

Weren’t I supposed to be taming you with my mouth and tongue?

Wasn’t my tongue supposed to be a lasso pulling you in like Wonder Woman’s does to get you to succumb to my wishes,


No amount of lecturing can seem to penetrate your heart and soul. My plan of overpowering you with just mere lashes of my tongue has backfired on me; the hunter has become the hunted.

(Fast Forward to my dear enlightenment.) A Nigga is rising to the occasion and getting his MOJO back, though. No longer will I be your beast of burden. No longer will I be your punching bag. I’m the pussy devourer bringing your wild pussy and ass back into my stable.

My black ass is willing and able!

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