Are You A Chocolate Woman Like This?!

Well, I think it’s time that we do some shit. Enough with singlehandedly manipulating your breasts; give yourself a break, and let my freaky ass do the rest.

Also, stop fiddling around in your pussy with that worn-out finger; let my inappropriate tongue stick around and linger. They call me Mr. Unscrupulous and Mr. Obscene; I think you’re getting what I mean.

I’m here to lick that back — the inside of your tight ass crack. I’m here to poke at that contracting asshole also until that thang pulsates and reacts to my oral flow.

It’s a tasty sight and feat enjoying this cunnilingus/rumpilingus scene. My tongue maneuvering through your vajayjay’s maze like some runaway: will I find myself in a better place?

Will the sounds of licking and my mouth pushing against your cushion keep me licking and looking?

Will I continue staring into your puppy-like eyes while I dine on your underside?

So many questions race through my head while I’m being fed:

Should I stick a finger in your butthole while simultaneously devouring your muff box; should I just lick your now wet ass while I jack off my cock?

I’m contemplating, and I’m waiting. Your orgasm is baking and in the making.

You’re firmly pressing your body against my face while softly biting on a finger; you appear so tender. I want to pluck you like grapes in this place. Your body is my vineyard, and I’m waiting to snatch you as you fall off the vine, my babe…

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