Welcome to Pervert’s Heaven:

I’m under a cloud of messiness where bitches are squirting on the scene like precipitation does during the rainy season:

I’m getting a bit beyond myself; I have a few questions for you before we proceed on:

Are you home alone?

Do you have the propensity to play with yourself often? Do you have a man? If not, do you play with your clit?

Would you at this exact moment in time crave a hard chocolate tongue licking at your slit?

I’m quite curious — inquisitive — I’ve been told I am.

Damn, I’m trying to go ham on some yams like I’m eating fried chicken — goddamn!

I just see myself tossing your little/meaty legs in the air until you’re unaware that I’m even there.

I want you to be in La La Land, that place I do despise; but, it’s cool for you to be in this place while my face is between your thighs.

to be continued…

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