You Wanna Know The Best Way To My Heart?

Let me see you and your BFF do this; this is something I most definitely have to witness.

Or, you can be nasty like this little HQ bitch:

Let me beat that pussy up from the back because you’ve got to experience my dick.

You should already know by now my little sordid get down. Don’t leave me around your naked self; I’ma be mouth-on-everything bound.

I’ll be a sexual menace until I’m finished.

I’ll be a degrading bastard — hollering lewd shit — and chasing after your ass like the sheriff did Daisy and them in The Dukes of Hazzard.

I’m trying to leave trails of my saliva on your vulva lips and hardened clit like this:

You hollering for more as my tongue has way with you — my nasty whore — is all I live for.

Tell me that it’s my wet mouth you crave for the rest of your living days.

Also let it be known that I’m your Savage Beast that you can’t tame while I’m partaking of your frame.

You’ll forever be my dirty paramour/facilitator of lascivious desires, and I’ll forever be able to take advantage of your body as though you’re some lady for hire…

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