I Think I’m On To A Little Something:

Are you the type of woman that wears a choker like this? If you are, I can already tell you’re my type of freaky little bitch.

I’m already undressing you with my pervert eyes, pondering what it would be like to peel open those savory thighs.

You probably walk around town with a wet pussy, and you’re constantly in need of a wicked mouthpiece.

I know your type: you play prude, but you’re inner being screams: fuck me on sight.

My salacious spirit is aware of yours; come on and be my little paramour.

Let’s roleplay; be my little starlet; I can treat you like my fucking harlot.

I want to cage you in my illicit fantasies, you cock-hardening, sensual shebeast.

You creator of getting penises erect: will you be the match I’ve met?

Will you be the woman that tries to control me with that sloppy, wet mouth? Pulling on that piece around your neck while you suck at me is what I’m about…

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