The Pistol Packer:

Remember when you came to THE FUCK HOUSE with your little .380 pistol? That was the first time a woman visited me with such authority. I had to foil your little plot, though. You know I had to pull the weapon from your back jeans pocket and get to business. Not even a pistol yielding, sexy-ass chick as yourself could intimidate me in my shit.

When you get to my FUCK HOUSE, there’s nothing but ass licking, dick devouring and pussy-eating antics over the horizon.

I lead you to my bedroom and snatched your clothes off to gather up glances of your naked frame. Your body was delightful. You told me you hadn’t had any type of sexual contact in over six months.

I already craved that luscious ass, but you mentioning your lack of sustenance marked my cue to just get it on. I pushed you onto my bed and instantly shoved my face in between your legs. I licked at your clit until your pussy lathered up and produced an abundance of fluid. I ransacked your asscheeks and turned up on that asshole.

You pulled my eager face into your hindside’s bosom and kept me pinned there. My dick was a hardened mess in the middle of that chaos and disorganization.

Fuck it; I had to mix up the uncertainty. I pulled my dick from my shorts and presented your slit with its erection. I worked my manhood into your wetness and began stroking like I was that Nigga, Clarence Carter.

I held your legs up to your ears and dug into your hiny with pizzazz. I hit your pussy with such an authoritative drilling that your pussy spewed its ejaculation all over my bed. The more I stabbed at that wetbox, the more it squirted and enveloped my abdomen with its precipitation. I marveled at what I had done, but I wasn’t done with you.

I reintroduced your pussy and ass to my mouth and smothered your cavity. You kept on squirting and yelling out such things that weren’t meant for strangers’ ears to hear.

I wasn’t going to let you hog all the sex, so I climbed atop you once more and pounded you until we both came.

Woman, don’t you get an idea of thinking you’ll be brandishing your firearm after calling me; you will not be forcing me to eat that pussy unless I agree.

I Just Can’t Help Myself:

You and I are damned to the underworld because we’re conceiving with our mouths just like weasels. We’re wretched humans yearning to get our crotches battered hither and thither to the rhythms of our dirty tongues.

Neither you nor I share any shame in our deeds. We’re both uninhibited and lecherous by nature. We’re tormented if we can’t partake of the other’s cunnilingus or fellatio at any given moment.

I live to feed off of your excitement after I’ve gone down on you and become affiliated with your nasty bottom. Raw licks are an accompaniment that you crave and just can’t do without. You fight like hell and ask God to remove your temptations and wanton lusts, but you’re on your own in this lascivious lair.

I need you to walk in the flesh; fuck the spirit.

Get down here in the trenches with me and turn up.

Expose that naked ass to me for my mouth to devour.

Your pussy is up for the taking, too.

Both of those pieces of your hot nether region are mine to plunder and bring under my spell.

And don’t forget, I need that mouth of yours also. This isn’t a one-way street. I need those menacing jaws and lips clamping down on my erection. I need that tender tongue caressing my hot balls and the neck of my pole with intensity.

Better yet, let’s do this 69 thing where we can enjoy each other’s oral festivities simultaneously. That’s so sexy and nasty: you sucking my dick while I’m running my tongue across your ass and swampy pussy. I’m the pussy-and-ass meister, and you’re the dirty-mouth termagant. My dick surpasses your tonsils and rests in your throat. Your pussy engulfs my tongue. This little affair is “splendidness” at its finest. We will forever be in each other’s clutches torturing a hind and dick like rampant street walkers and fiends.

You know what: we are confined to these dirty deeds; there’s no shame in our tendencies.

I’m just an email, text or phone call away from bringing you to ecstacy with my invigorating oral sabotage and fucking skills.

Never hesitate…

You’ve Disappeared Once Again, My Little Red Friend:

Are you a pretty, petite white girl or PAWG, a chocolate-coated vixen, a yellow woman, brown as in Mexican or bronze like a Puerto Rican?

Every other pussy in the world pales in comparison to yours. I want you to text me, especially after you’ve fought back that inhibited nature of yours (you know, you fighting your desire to have my face and erection in between your thighs taunting your nakedness).

Your ass comes to mind.

And speaking of your asshole, I want to fuck it, finger it while I’m licking your pussy.

I want to stick my tongue in it and dig around in that sweet anal cavity. There’s honey in there, and I’m a badger. I want to devour your ass patch. I want to taste on it. Please let there be a cornucopia of seasoning for the tasty dish.

I’m a cold-hearted snake, so of course I don’t play by rules. I aim to manipulate your pussy with my mouth.

You’re hesitant, though. You pissed me off sending me emails time and time again but never responding to my response. But once I got into your ass and called you out on your shit (playing games), then you replied with attitude.

You know what, just like Jimmy Carter allowed the draft dodgers to return back home to the United States during his Presidential term, likewise, I’m allowing my prodigal princesses to come home to me. Enough time has passed for both of our wounds to have healed.

Now, savor my mouth on your fanny trap. I want my tongue interred in that asshole for minutes at a time piercing at that anal debris and those ass walls. Work your hips on my tongue with vigor. Tell me to fuck that ass hard like I mean it. I’m debasing you and binding your rump to my oral trap. I’m making you out to be this disgusting starlet in this ongoing scenario.

Your pussy and ass are reaping the benefits of a tongue that has planted ton after ton of my fertilizer in your soil. Your pussy and ass cries out for more while my eager tongue fits accommodate your wishes.

Ole Reecie Can’t Turn Back Now:

I’m at the point of no return. I will never be able to assimilate myself back into society now. I’m a pussy-and-ass-eating-and-fucking menace that can’t be thwarted from my position.

All I ever imagine is how I’m going to open up your cavernous underbelly to caress that anticipating camel toe and its adjacent sisters of debauchery. Your jam box throbs from my hot breath only being within inches of encountering your moist hole.

You sigh before my mouth or tongue even grapples you. The moment my oral fixation does make first contact with your derriere: you’re a rambling mess.

You grip my head and face like you’re some lioness digging into a meal she’s crept up on after not feeding for weeks.

You try to conceal your agony because you have neighbors on all sides, but the show is futile.

You disrobe your taste and become a babbling idiot screaming for dear life. I pour my tongue and mouth bombardment onto your wetness in waves.

You can’t contain the gallons upon gallons of my oral execution on your hiny, licking at your soiled pussy and pummeling your asshole.

You rock your hips on my engaging mouth and beg me to insert my spiraling tongue into your hatch.

I do.

I feel your patch’s roughness all on my tongue as my straight flesh explores you. I look up into your eyes to get a gauge on where you are during this moment.

Those eyes are rolling out of control in between trying to focus on me. I have you right where I want.

You’re an inhabitant in my thirst trap, and it doesn’t seem as though you’ll be breaking free of me anytime soon.

My mouth continues the onslaught: breaking your pussy and ass down more and more as the clock ticks.

You put up one last stand at this battle for your sexual purity. It seems to me that not long from now you’ll be signing that treaty because my mouth has made you succumb to its brute force.

My tongue will have insisted that your ass and clit have no choice but to relent and cease fire.

I know; it’s not fair.

Are you now going to call me and spread those asscheeks and vulva lips for your boy, Reecie?

I Believe There’s About To Be A Wreck Out Here On The High Seas:

There is this semblance that you’re put together tightly, but nothing can be further from the truth.

You’re a sexual wreck!

You want your pussy and ass cannibalized by an uninhibited mouth: one that won’t find anything too nasty and disgusting for the moment. I’m unraveling you like you’re layer upon layer of pussy tissue.

Riddle me this: ever had that pussy and ass raped by an eager mouth? The shit is joyous, and an orgasm is inevitable.

There’s no dodging my mouth rants.

I know your sexy ass is suspicious. You want to know if I’m just a facade: you know, SMOKE AND MIRRORS. You want to know if I’m simply some illusion.

Come on, and find out for yourself. Dive into the unknown. I’m a sex genie. Rub me three times, and let me grant you innumerable wishes in this mouth-on-snatch-and-bottom tale. Here in this place there’s simply you and I intertwined in some flagrant marinade.

There’s no time for shyness and escapism. There’s no time to beat around bushes and twiddle fingers.

We’re now unmasked and in the thick of it.

My mouth confronts your bare hind and dares your succulent rear end to turn and run. If such a thing transpires, my tongue is giving chase like Freddy or Jason in those horror flicks. And, you’re going to fall to the ground: just like white girls often do in those films.

NOW, that butt and cunny hole are mine for the ravaging. I’m peeling open your snare and piercing your clitoris with my saliva-coated tongue. You scream the moment my oral scheme plants its flag on your soil. I rub my thumb against your pulsating ass while I’m licking at your snatch. I hold your asscheeks open, too.

I’m gaining so much leverage and one upping that ass. You’re mine; there’s no “ifs”, “ands”, or “butts” about it. I’m giving your pussy and ass the entire surface of my tongue in all of its glory.

I’m a Legend in My Own Time right now. So, it doesn’t take long for my tongue to disarm and own your undercarriage. I taste at you until you’re a lump of pudding in my vile mouth.

Come see what THE MOUTH OF THE SOUTH be bout!

Has Your Ass Checked The Forecast?

Do you love intimacy: how about my mouth?

Have you ever had it before?

What about a rim job: ever had that from me?

If not, I can bet all my chips that you’re curious and on the fence.

Why wouldn’t you be?

A Nigga has The Best Mouth in Atlanta; that’s what I’ve been told. I’m trying to get crowned MOUTH OF THE SOUTH.

I’m trying to bring chaos in your life. That structured shit is for the birds. There’s a hurricane brewing in the haunts of your pussy and ass, and not just any man can stomach the catastrophe.

I’ve trained with FEMA, the Redcross and the United States Coast Guard for this mission. A brother is ready to get his face pushed around and beaten in this pussy-and-ass storm. The precipitation is thick; my mouth rains on your twat and its sister (those thick ass bars). You’re drenched, but you can’t get in from the weather.

You want to flee my mouth, but you just can’t muster up the strength to get away from my tongue. My tongue is a lasso pulling that raunchy pussy and ass into my space. With all of this yanking and tugging from outside forces, you need to seek shelter.

But, you can’t: my mouth has you pressed in. My oral tactics can’t be evaded. The pressure from the suction of my lips pin you in place. The swipes of my daring tongue keep you in limbo like a frog in slowly heating up water. You know you need to find sanctity in an evacuation shelter, but your need for oral sex outweighs reason.

You’re out in the open in the middle of a storm getting your pussy and ass ransacked by the elements. A brisk tongue cultivating your meaty rump and navigating the channel of your warm pussy is breaking news right now. Reports of an insane woman rubbing her pussy flagrantly while a hot, nasty mouth copulates with her asshole barrels through the wires.

You sigh madly, and you’re caught up in this intense affair where you choose not to free yourself from this trap: THIS INSANITY. That’s fine because I’m here with you taking advantage of your female parts with my devious mouth until you spray your cum on my tongue.

Are we done?

Come On In, And Relax:

Are you a shy and reclusive woman, or are you freaky and lose your mind during a pussy licking? If you’re standoffish and retreating, let my tongue work its madness on you until you sprout from your shell. I need to compel you to be my little cuddle bunny. I want your shy ways to dissolve as my thirsty tongue spreads across your countenance.

I know your once still body will speed up its oscillations while I have way with you. Sighs of madness are going to race from you. My saliva will coat your pussy and clit as I work every imaginative scheme on you. I’m going to suck at your clit with erotic tugs, and I’m going to lick at your sweet breasts with dainty swipes. I’m going to peel open your ass cheeks and subdue your asshole with my mouth and tongue.

You’re now excited and all in; you’re playing along to my kinky mouth game. You’re playing your part now and pinning my face upon your genitalia. If you’re a tantalizing starlet, there’s no need for me to butter you from your shell! As soon as we’re in each other’s presence and our eyes meet, it’s on. I’m tugging at your garments and rushing my tongue inside of your mouth.

You’re pushing your clothes to the floor, and I don’t have to tell you to get on your back and receive my eager mouthpiece. Your moans rush from your face, and your hips join my chaotic pulses as I sip from the cunnilingus and ass-gulping cup. I lick at your pussy and ass slowly to fuck with you, making you enjoy my nasty offering.

You command me to keep licking your pussy and ass, and I’m subdued.

I continue to.

Lady, Are You Down?

Let’s play a game of pin my mouth on your tail.

Come be with me; I’m a very nasty guy.

Play with my mouth and my erect penis. They’re both here for you to have your way with.

My mouth will taste at you with diabolical methods for quite some time until your pussy’s thirst is quenched.

I won’t rush you.

I’ll take my time licking away at your wet pussy.

I’ll invite your ass into the circle and have way with it, too. I’ll taste at both of the holes with such meticulousness. I’m just that type of guy. No matter how nasty my antics seem, I’m completing the task.

I’m going to stare into your eyes as I lick your throbbing asshole. I’m going to ask you: do you want more of my carnivorous devouring?

I’m going to ask you: how does it feel?

There’s no stopping me now; I’m a dirty old man. I’ve been told that I was a pervert.

I’ll get at your tasty pussy lips and clit after a while. They’re begging for my undivided attention. I’m here for them. My mouth and tongue are for the taking.

You want to be reserved. Part of you wanted me, but your other half was nervous. You’re here now, and your pussy and ass craves my mouth. Both pieces of you undulate in unison to my tongue swirls. My spit mates with your ass rim and its adjacent pussy. Your intimate parts have latched on to my orifice and won’t let go.

My dick can’t wait to bury its hardness into either your pussy or your tight asshole. But, I keep my devourer in his cage. I continue to have way with your bottom and moist slit.

I try all kinds of different twists of the tongue to keep you under my spell.

Your sweet utterances are quite the erotic appeal to me.

Wanna play?

It’s Grinding Time:

I grind inside of a pretty, wet pussy as if my life depends on it.

I prepare the grinding with a washing of tongue and mouth on an awaiting set of asscheeks and an erect clitoris.

I never give up; I’m an underdog.

I’m always fighting to please a nice ass and pussy with my engaging oral anatomy.

I talk dirty to a pretty pussy in between swallowing gulps of air to maintain my breath.

I lick at an anxious set of asscheeks while the owner spreads her cheeks for me to run my face along the shores of her thickness.

I won’t feed you bullshit to get to your house or for you to come to mine. I’m a straight shooter. I’ll rub your clit tenderly to promote its erection. I’ll lick at it with an invigorating scheme while preparing my mouth to also wreak havoc on your asshole. It should also be pleased with my disgusting mouth. Both your pussy and ass need my mouth on them.

Don’t be afraid of me. I love the taste of a pretty pussy on my face, and I love the squirms and hollering of a female that has acquired my tongue against her seductive ass.

Let’s play and get wrapped up in each other’s countenance. I will never stop pleasing you with my mouth.

I promise.

I’ll lick your pussy and ass over and over again until you cum. And in due time, I’ll taste you once more to orgasm.

What else can you ask for?

I won’t just seek out my fulfillment. I’m willing to please you, too. Sex is about both parties being pleased beyond expectation.

Are you ready to play?

You Just Couldn’t Wait:

I picked you up over off of Campbellton Road one morning. You came out of the house with a gray dress on.

Upon entering my car and getting comfortable, you immediately lifted that dress up to your chin and exposed your ass, breasts and pussy to me.

I was awe struck. You reached over and began fondling my dick through my black Levi jeans.

I soaked my finger and began to rub your clit. I stuck my finger in your pussy hole, and you were drenched, so much so that I said, “Damn, you weren’t playing!”

You had communicated to me via text how horny you were and needed desperately to get your ass eaten and your pussy fucked.

So, here I was now taunting you in my car on the way to my house. Georgia State Route 166 was quickly approaching us, but you failed to pull your dress down even after we came into vehicles on both sides of us.

Hell, I didn’t release my grip on your naked pussy. My finger was still buried in that wetbox. You were unaware of your surroundings. You moaned and began undulating your pussy and ass on my seat. Your underregions were still sprouting a river of secretions.

We continued our sexual activity even after jumping on the expressway approaching downtown. By now, I was anxious to get to my place in Forest Park. Even though my arms grew weary from reaching across the arm rest, I continued to manipulate your pussy with my finger. And, the only time I urged you to pull your dress down was when we approached my residence at the top of Highway 85.

Upon entering my house, I couldn’t wait to put my hands on you. I lifted up your dress and fingered your pussy with my right hand. I stuck my finger in your ass with my left hand while partaking of your breast with my mouth and tongue.

You moaned ferociously.

Minutes later, you were on my sofa nearby taking my mouth to your pussy. I licked at your swollen clit for only a couple of minutes.

Before I knew it, your pelvic region was contracting on my face. You were cumming on my tongue.

Now, riddle me this: who are you?

My little Mary Poppins: that ass is so phat, and that pussy is so tight; here’s my new number…