It’s Time To Unwind:

Endless nights of exercising my tongue and throat muscles on a woman’s pussy and ass has earned me the title, “Pussy Eater of the Year”.

You know, Medical research has come to the finding that humans need and require sex just as much as food for the body. Shit, that’s a remarkable discovery. I’ve always wondered why I’ve craved the crazed making-out sessions insatiably. It’s wired in my DNA.

Now, my dear, what are you going to do about those carnal cravings that are buried in your crotch? Let me give you a little hint: get that pussy and ass ransacked chaotically with this tongue and other oral devices. I’m here for you. I want to slaughter that pussy and ass flesh like they are hogs being led to their demise.

I’m just saying: I’m a beast of epic proportions. I pull out all the stops for this pussy and ass foray. Your pussy and ass won’t know what hit them.

A double dipping of tongue in your ass from your pussy, and just like that, the incursion is over; you’ve been conquered.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to pillage your village now and take prisoners. I only want you. I’m only here to subdue your sexual possessions. Now that I’ve plucked you from your village, we’re embarking on a perilous journey. I’m here to activate your uninhibited nature. Underneath that hardened shell there’s a dick-in-the-ass, dick-in-the-mouth and cum-spillage-from-the-throat woman that’s waiting to present herself.

Yes, I know I ate out your snatch box and made you cum from my snarling face, but I want your mouth engaging my genitalia now. I want your throat absorbing my penis and slobbering on me.

This is a dirty little game we’re playing where only the most filthy individual comes out of this intact. Always remember that this is the sex game. Only lascivious mouths and tongues scraping at lovers’ nether regions is up for talk today.

I’m here for you to squander your pussy and ass to my mouth and tongue. You do the same with your lecherous throat. It’s so disgusting!

Yes, I’m This:

I’m a mess, I love the opposite sex.

I jack my dick off to mature women giving head and engulfing cum in their seductive mouths.

I jack my cock off to young girls in skimpy clothes entertaining erections with their pussies and assess.

I’m a savage beast.

I stay excited and drawn into the aura surrounding a sexy woman. I’m open for a pretty, anticipating pussy and ass to eat.

Tell me: is your pussy and ass the one that’ll get my attention?

Are your legs going to be the ones that I hurl in the air as I park my wet mouth on your underside?

Will you receive my nasty offering — my lips and mouth washing up against your bare shore?

Will you beg me to keep licking at your pussy and ass until you scream out for me to stop?

Or, will you scream for me to continue my oral ordeal?

I want you to get my wet, warm mouth.

I want you to savor my lascivious offering because I’m a nasty nigga, and I love satisfying an eager bottom.

I want to pull apart your tasty pussy lips and devour the clit that’s hidden beneath. You’re going to be my tasty treat. I’m going to lick at your pussy wholeheartedly.

As I stated before, I’m a mess. I love providing a pussy with sloppy, jaw-pulling kinkiness. I want you hollering out shit as I lick at your ass, too.

Let my tongue swipe at your ass back and forth like a conveyor belt.

Let that same tongue dig inside of your anticipating asshole.

I want to please you so much so that pre-cum is leaking from my penis as I pen this letter for you. I want to force your body to undulate its sexy hips and thighs as my mouth haves way with you.

I want to pull apart your ass cheeks effortlessly and sink my tongue and mouth into their underbelly again.

I want to subdue your ass debris with my rotten mouth, and I want you to enjoy the uncertainty that’s in the air — are you going to orgasm quickly, or are you going to make the excitement continue on?

It’s on you because I’m going to take whatever time it takes to cause your pussy to spew forth its orgasm.

I’d Like To Think So Anyway:

I’m the crème de la crème of pussy devourers. I subdue a pussy with my keen oral skills as though the end of the world is upon me.

So, it was surprising to me that I came across a pussy the other day that I couldn’t bring to the brink of bliss. I had to enlist the owner of said cunny and slit for help. After she lead me to water, I drank.

No matter how advanced I think I get, there’s always a pussy out there that puts me in my proper place and humbles me. You know, just like life; I would have it no other way. I eat challenges for breakfast; I fucking love them.

I must grab hold of the reins and lick and suck at a tasty derriere with vigor until you, my dear, can struggle no more with your consciousness.

I want you second guessing your existence, your morals, and me.

I want to lap at your pussy with such an audacity that you pull away the blinders and dump them out in your trash container in the back yard. (Damn, you just bought them, though.) I want you forgetting about the world as my tongue mates with your hiny. My lascivious mouth and its participants want to bring honor back to the pussy-eating realm.

Lately, I’ve heard niggaz just ain’t doing it right. It takes a special kind of Nigga. It takes my heralding tongue to save the day and rescue you from bullshit.

I’ll have it no other way.

Mate with me–not just my tongue and mouth even though the two come to the table first. Be a sensual being that tastes my tongue with both of your lips.

Revel in this sinister moment where I’m throwing my weight around to plunder your backside with my reputable face.

I know, it’s an oxymoron, but sometimes wickedness coincides with righteousness.

Shit, the bad part is: I’m a senseless sex addict.

The good part is: I take my duties seriously.

So, take my mouth, and guide it in between your legs and relax. You won’t hear any fuss from me. I’ll be concentrating on painting your clit, pussy, and vulva with my mouth spray until you fathom a nice little orgasm brewing in the wake of the oral madness.

Eating your cupcake would be great; but you must make the first move; just dial up Ole Reecie; I’m your dude.

What Is The Common Denominator?

The common denominator in all of this shit is freaky, unapologetic sex.

So, if you’re on here trying to preach and school me on my repulsive behavior, get the fuck out of this den of Gomorrah.

Funny thing is: your ass wants to be here, though. That’s the problem. You can’t resist the urge to visit this place because there’s a tingling sensation between your legs that won’t go away. You’re drawn here to sip from my mouth-on-pussy-and-ass cup.

The curved top quenches your thirst momentarily until your pussy and ass craves my wanton mouth again.

You’ve found yourself in a love triangle between your pussy, ass and my mouth.

Guess what?

You don’t know how to escape this sex-crazed predicament you’ve immersed yourself in.

You go to Bible study on Wednesday and church on Sunday to cleanse your soul, but you still want my tongue plastered on your bottom after all that is over. Poor Lil Tink Tink: I’m your motherfuckin’ Achilles heel, and I worship that shit. I enjoy taunting you with my gluttonous tongue and mouth and coercing you to beat your head against the wall in an effort to figure your shit out.

Or, maybe you’d prefer me instead to beat the head of my dick against the wall of your asscheeks after withdrawing from your sloppy wet pussy?

My dick knows what it wants. You’re going to have to get the shit in your head together on your on.

Meanwhile, my laborious cunnilingus tools will work on your underside like a skilled construction worker. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Someone has to get pussy juices and ass hairs in one’s chin. Someone has to swallow the pussy and ass spillage with no reservation.

Shit, I love seizing an extremely hardened clit in my mouth until the holder of the delicate flesh swings, rocks, jolts, and decides to undulate those hips until that sweet flesh becomes a sensitive mess.

I’m not done even though your pussy has spewed its orgasm. I wait a bit and gently begin to reactivate your pussy’s libido with my disruptive mouth service.

I bet you crave my contact info — my integers — I’m trying to get ahold of your body; is it limber?

So, Do You Think Of Me In This Fashion Also?

“The nerve of this arrogant motherfucker is off the charts!” says most women after peeling open my works of the past and penciling them into their brains.

Have no fear, though; I mean every Damn thing I’ve inscribed in words, and I’m not retracting my crude statements. You’re just going to have to live with my shenanigans for a gang of time to come, especially if you want these vigorous writings to continue.

And speaking of keeping on, how has that pussy and ass been holding up?

Still horny?

Need my mouth and dick to hit that spot?

Listen up, I know I’m aggressive and talk gangs of shit. But believe you me, you’re going to appreciate the UPFRONTNESS once you’ve made first contact with your boy. I’m going to expel the most raunchy, exposing mess from my lips once you’ve inquired of me.

I’m the crème de la crème of ass eaters. I’m a cunnilingus guru. Don’t take my word for it; ask your pussy; ask that bottom also.

Both entities of you are upfront and honest. Your two natures will be objective, well, maybe subjective after my tongue tames them.

You were once an evil shrew before encountering my oral endeavors, but you’re standing at attention now like some sort of Stockholm Syndrome captive. You don’t know whether you should applaud me for the mouth-on-rump skills or keep quiet because you don’t want to feel like another notch in my belt. And although initially your preference was for this to be a little one-time hookup, you’re second guessing yourself.

Have no fear; my mouth has a way of seducing and muzzling any creature. Don’t feel tarnished; allow yourself to step away from constraints.

Let my mouth and tongue lead you into the unforeseen.

Let my mouth bring joy to a day that’s been full of melancholy and despair.

My tongue’s job is to offer up tender swipes and stabs to your female regions. I want to lap you up like a canine does a refrigerated bottle of water on a scorching summer’s day. Get your fill from my raunchy mouth.

Let my debauchery-tending tongue pull your cunny juices to the back of my throat and keep repeating the sexual act until your pussy orgasms.

I’m arrogant as fuck; this fact, I know. Allow your pussy and ass to be the beneficiaries of this confidence, though.

If you can read and resist this, you can’t be my nasty bitch. But, an intrigued mistress gets this; she’s already dialed my digits…

Equal Opportunity Devourer:

I’m an equal-opportunity devourer. I desolve huge clits in my mouth. I also desolve extremely small pebbles in my jaws.

I love 10s and 5s, sometimes 2s and 3s; hell, I’ll even have fun with ones. If there is something about you (woman) that I find attractive, I’m coming for that hiny with ferocity. Your pussy and that ass are sloppy seconds to my mouth and tongue.

Imagine this: your pussy is a watermelon that I’m munching on. Ever notice how much of a mess is made when partaking of this juicy fruit? A filthy, smeared wake of sorts gathers up all underneath the chin, on the nostrils, in the nose hairs, on the sides of the cheeks, and on the lips.

Shit, a Nigga is in heaven. This is the type of chaos I welcome into my fold. The same smear campaign goes when I’m munching on a set of ass flaps. Once I’ve supplied the lube to your asshole, my mouth is going to glisten again just as it had done beforehand from the watermelon-and-pussy-like comparison.

I get down and dirty with pussies and asses with my mouth. There’s no time for pleasantries and down home southern manners of the sort.

And, we’re also not sitting down with the Obamas at the dinner table in the White House (the Trumps either). There’s just you and I here rolling around in the yard like a mud-soaked hog and pig.

Let me emphasize again: this is some nasty shit. It’s not fit for the weak of heart. Asses and pussies getting smacked around by a ravenous tongue for moments on end is standard practice for me.

So, if you’re not down for this steamy, no-holds-barred shit, turn around and never come back. I’m licking at your pussy and ass like clockwork to get you to lose your mind, your fucking senses, and to leave you in a puddle of your vaginal mess until you dig your claws into my face from that pussy oscillating to its orgasm.

Just remember: size 0 to size 20, I don’t discriminate. Just please promise me that that ass, mouth, and pussy are great…

In My Past: Objectivity Often Evaded Me:

This rampant spread of my tongue over pussies and asses never yields to my objective reasoning.

I’m a lecherous sinner worthy of nothing but the enclosure of a dungeon to detox myself of this sickness that is upon me. This day of reckoning has finally come and set up shop on my doorstep.

But shit, I’m a deceitful Nigga. I won’t be down for long. I’m rushing out the back door, hitting the back fence to jump over it, and now a motherfucker is free from that bondage shit.

I’m on the hunt for a fine-ass chick that’s on fleek. And, I’ll take any Ole sexy one as of yet. A BBW (HWP with curves), a PAWG, a cute little petite Black temptress, a Spanish-speaking Latina, a cougar, a young-ass THOT barely over the age of consent, a seductive Milf, and a tantalizing Gilf are all on the menu.

I haven’t fed for a while, so I’m game to annihilate some rumps and pussies.

And just so you know, I’m unpredictable and appalling to the women in the streets. But when the same snooty women get home and unwind, they’re on this daring hunt for me.

This little fox trap of mine is almost impossible to free yourself from, and once you’ve succumbed to my treachery: you might as well call up the family and tell them you won’t be there for supper. And speaking of family, I’m not really concerned with your home life. Evidently you aren’t at all fazed with where you rest your head at either, or you wouldn’t be here with me exchanging oral, pussy, and ass juices on the regular.

I already told you previously that I’m a crude being, a psychotic of sorts. My only plight in life is to rest my tongue in between your cleavage, on your breasts, their nipples, and your naked derriere.

Every now and again I’m overtaken by romance. This isn’t the time, though. The present marks a day for that wretched sieging of that clit that’s buried deep in your interior cavity.

Make no mistake, I’ve just escaped lockup. I’m on the prowl like a roaring lion seeking whom I may destroy.

Keeping Them At Bay:

I’ve tried fervently on multiple occasions to keep my sex demons at bay, but fighting my destiny is exhausting. I was put on this planet to put out the fire in a woman’s hiny.

My dick and mouth are merciless creatures, and if you’re donned to meet me, you will find that fact out for yourself. Let my dick and mouth map out your erogenous zones.

And if you so desire, you can join in and we both can partake of this tasty discovery.

These little freaky tales I pen are meant to remind you of my unquenchable appetite for your tasty bottom extremities. So much so: I want you to rub your pussy uncontrollably while my mouth and tongue tackle your dirty little anal opening. I’m willing to dissect that pussy-and-ass anatomy to figure out what makes them tick. A tongue on the right asscheek accompanied by the same tongue to the left asscheek is a sure way to bring you sprouting from your shell.

But, what about the tasty halfway point between the outer walls of that slippery asscheek and your black or pink hole of an ass snare: does a tongue to that region provide a host of delight?

What about shoving almost the entire length of my pink oral flesh into your little ass trap, is that a thrill to your wanton bottom?

There’s a barrage of equations to decipher here in this foray into a naughty, uninhibited underworld.

See, when you’re a bottom feeder, there’s no need to rush. One has all the time in the world to scrounge the lake for treats. There’s always an abundance of morsels to pick through for a scoundrel like me.

I would tell you never to mind my mouth because he’s only here for the ride, but I’d be lying like hell. My mouth aids in the cunnilingus and assilingus scheme. See, my mouth is the gun; my tongue is the ammunition used to neutralize the target.

There’s an art to this pussy-and-ass-devouring thing that just no Joe Blow on the street can master. I’m a black belt in this raunchy shit.

Get this mouth, and pamper yourself.

It fits your ass like a glove.

Even More, I Think I’m Out Of Your League:

You know I’m your needle in a haystack right?

What other guy here can offer you up as much nastiness as me. I’m your goto guy. You come here for me to see what erotic concoction I’ve put together for you day after day. I promise never to let you down in how I present your eyes with the most raunchy mess.

Do you have a wet pussy that is on fire right now that needs to be extinguished and taken care of?

Well, my mouth is just the right guy for the job. He’s a rambling mess. Let me come to you this morning. I have a wicked, sadistic mouth. I know you wanna know what my tongue feels like pillaging your pussy and anal quarters.

I’ll tell you this: my mouth isn’t for the faint at heart. My oral anatomy is vile and unapologetic. Once you’re in the holding cell with my devious tongue, you never know what you’re going to get. A nice swipe of the tongue against your asshole may be the order of the day to start things off.

Or, you might just get a couple of disgusting hoists to your pussy region. You’ll never know what my mouth will present your undercarriage with, and that’s how I aim to keep it. You guessing about how my mouth works on your pussy and ass is a sensual offer.

I’m sinister, too; and, you know this: WOMAN. How else can you explain my mouth barreling through your pussy and ass field like a beast leaving a wake of saliva and activating your juices?

I’m here for you as much as I’ve ever been. I’m here to disarm you of your inhibitions and coerce you into always stumbling into my tongue’s thirst traps. I know, it’s not fair that I create timeless pieces to hypnotize your wet watt and slit. But, you need me just as much as I crave you. I need my mouth latched on to your underside like some pussy leech.

I need to taste your ass indiscriminately day or night. I’m a savage beast with no manners or social skills. I exist only to lay ruin to your esteemed pussy and ass. Remember now, I’m never going to have to explain or defend my promiscuous ways. I just am what I am!

Were You Full Of Shit?

So, I guess you didn’t really want your pussy smothered with my tongue and that little creamy asshole smeared with my disgusting, God-awful nasty mouth?

You got cold feet; I guess. Ah, you’re so precious. I’ve a penchant for the ass and pussy, especially if that Thang is broken. I still like to cuddle, and I want you to spend nights sometimes. I just love the hell out of sex, especially with a shapely woman as yourself.

Come and get under my covers. Let’s get naked and discover each other’s nakedness with our insatiable mouths. Sounds good to you? My mind and body are never on an intermission.

And, the weather may be awful and ugly to you, but it’s sexy as fuck to me. I’d love to hear the sound of the downpour against my window while I’m in between your legs grinding inside of you partaking of your birthday suit. And, if you think I’m way out ahead of you concerning my freakiness, I’m either going to run back to grab your hand and pull you along with me, or I’m going to wait on you to catch up.

I’m leaning toward the first option, and my job is to convince you to think as I do. How about a Pizza picnic along with wine at my place? Oh, and Netflix can be in the equation, too. I’m in Forest Park (I used to be.). I want to taunt you and make the foreplay last like a motherfucker while we sip on some wine or rum. I want to stick a finger in your moist box as you sit back; I’m sipping on your spirit of seduction. I poke that pussy and manage to peel your clothes from you like some magician.

I can’t take the wait anymore, so I scoot down in front of you and shove my entire face in your honey trap. I have your legs hoisted in the air while I plant my knees into the floor milking your pussy of its juices. You manage to place the glass of wine on my side table without spilling it. Your clit hardens…