I Have Quite The Disgusting Mouth:

I try daily to be a gentleman and do the honorable thing, but that shit never takes root for long. I find myself lusting uncontrollably for a titillating member of the opposite sex.

I can’t breath without the sustenance of your female juices in my throat. I can’t breath without the feel of your clit growing erect on my tongue.

Righteousness evades me, so Am I some antichrist of sorts?

Or, Am I a human being that just craves a naughty fanny and all its nakedness in perpetuity. And, contrary to what you’re thinking right now, I don’t sleep with a gang of women. I’m quite picky and fickle when choosing the ass and pussy my mouth will be joining up with.

Will my mouth be slaughtering your extremities today, bringing them to ruins?

Will my mouth be causing your pussy to lament my departure when I’m no more?

This little hookup “THINGEE” is my gift to you at this very moment because you’ve traveled across the expanse and reside with me in this lecherous place where spit and tongue swiping over pussy and ass will take precedence.

Only your pussy and ass gathered up in my snare like fish in a net matters to me.

Pulling at your clit with my eager lips is my concern.

Spoiling your pussy rotten with torrent handling is a major feat.

Devastating that obsessive snatch of yours with my oral compartment makes my dick hard!

My muzzle surrounds your undercarriage like a S.W.A.T. team does in a standoff.

I’m taking that pussy and ass into custody, too (just like the Police). I’m citing you and that pussy of yours because the main has ruptured and you’ve flooded the neighborhood with your honey cream. My mouth wades for now in your soiled release, but soon enough I will have to dog paddle in the madness because I will be immersed in your shit. Your pussy won’t turn off its valve as I lick you with an eager fit.

You won’t stop yelling and screaming to the beat of my degenerate tongue. You encourage me to lick your ass, too. It takes precedence also.

“THE MOUTH OF THE SOUTH”, do you now crave it?

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