This Was A Good Day:

I remember this day as though it were yesterday.

This was my little West Indies playmate. Her voice was delectable even though the first time she reached out to me: I was skeptical.

I can’t show you videos of her sucking at me; I have to guard her anonymity.

I mean: I loved licking on her pussy like a savage beast, but she loved gulping down my ejaculate like some hungry-ass SheBeast.

Let’s just focus on me for now and how I was putting my cunnilingus game down.

I had this little pattern I used on her clit; such a technique made her lose her shit.

And me being a continuous inventor, I constantly came up with new tactics to tease the whore.

I’m not one to pat my own self on the back; hear and see it for yourself; I’m no hack.

I called her Mrs. Shaky Legs when my naked ass was between her thighs giving her head.

Her island expressions along with her oscillations: man, I’m thinking I’m taking her ass to heaven.

I could be wrong, though; woman that’s reading and watching this: let me know…

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