I Don’t Believe In That Relationship Shit!

But, if you’re trying to be in my life, you had better suck on my dick like this mature white bitch;

and, I mean it! You’re gonna have to make love to my cock with your mouth like she’s doing this black prick.

She’s a cock-sucking fan, and she has done a remarkable job with her tongue and hardly no hands.

She has a mouth of gold, and not one time did the owner of the black pole have to scold.

Are your eyeballs mesmerizing when in the oral sex realm you’re diving?

Are you a dirty cunt that devours an erection like it’s your lunch?

Let me know hon because you might just be the one.

Dare I mention that you must love to eat pre-cum also because I produce quite an abundance of the clear flow?

There’s More:

When I come in off the road on the weekend, come over and stare into my horny eyes like you’re my bride.

I want you at my door waiting — for me — you little filthy being.

Every now and again, I may reward you with riding in the big truck alongside of me, but you’re going to have to hop in the back periodically showcasing your wet pussy.

I usually loathe riders, but your head has me trapped like a fly when it meets the spider.

I’m not going to tell you anymore. Just leave me a comment if you’re trying to be my undercover whore…

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