Well, It’s True, Boo; Now, What Are You Gonna Do?:

A thick bitch like this is what I’m missing, she loves to do quite a bit of dick kissing.

She’s quite uninhibited, and she’ll do freaky shit in my solicit bed.

I dig being captivated by shit like this, too — TWO BIG OLE — Becky Boos.

These types usually fuck and suck — like no other — until my chocolate sausage hiccups.

I mean, I dig skinny girls also:

leaving immense ejaculate on their backs and buttholes.

Remember, I’m the equal opportunity devourer, and I’m giving a cornucopia of broads thick-ass cum showers.

I’m not selfish, though. I eat whores’ pussies plus their washed-up assholes.

I’m a cold soul, and my ex wife once told me: “You control women through sex!” I’m thinking: the bitch is/was correct.

There ain’t no shame in my game; I’m trying to manipulate chicks with my mouth and dick until those freaky bitches lose it and go insane.

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