I Can’t Help It; I Just Don’t Give A Shit!

This is the face of an unscrupulous scoundrel; I’m a hound dog, and woman — I’m just trying to dig off in your pants.

Stacks of Money


Stacks of Pussy

those are the only things in life that tempt Ole Reecie.

I’m not going to do anything illegal, though, to obtain the doe or a hoe.

And, speaking of hoes: I also have to admit that I love writing freaky shit.

I’m The King of Smut, and

I just love to write about digging off in a bitch’s greased-up butt!

I love writing about how a broad makes my BBC-Challenged phallus hiccup.

I dig writing about the look in a prude woman’s eyes once my oral masterpiece is buried in her hidden thighs.

Again, woman, I know I’m vulgar, and I have no filter.

I guess you can sort of assume that my life imitates my art or vice versa.

The erotic literature I pen is a scorcher.

…to be continued…

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