Little Chocolate Pussy, How Are You Doing?

Your owner is comical to me: playing like she’s not nasty. She claims to be a woman in the streets and also one when she steps into her home — what a goddamn fallacy.

Because: I know a thing or two about the freak in both of you. Black Pussy stays energized; there’s always a little some some being ignited between those copper thighs:

The person that houses you fondles her erect nipples which in turn leaves sensuous ripples.

Pussy, you leak constantly. And, you just want to get pounded by a homie.

You want your insides to be impaled — so much so — that your master has no choice but to yell.

Dear Pussy, you can’t control yourself. No matter what, you can’t be thrown upon a shelf.

Just look at your hairy ass getting rubbed each and every way; your outsides get manipulated day after day.

You’re chained to a female that never bids you farewell, not even a rest. And when this session is done, you’re a complete mess.

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